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A piece for strings, piano, and drums.
Grade Level: 10
Intended For: Live Instrument Performance
Software Used: Sibelius
Instrumentation: Strings, Piano, Drum Set
Key: Dm
Meter Signature: 4/4
Tempo: 120
Status: Completed Work
File 1: application/octet-streamDownload


#3 Matthew LaRocca 2017-03-23 13:07
Hey Ethan,

Just wanted to drop a line and remind you that the final posting for Opus pieces is a week from today.

#2 Matthew LaRocca 2017-03-01 09:01
Hi Ethan,

Checking in on your thoughts about this piece, instrumentation , or potentially starting something new.

I hope you're having a great break, and keep me posted!

#1 Erik Nielsen 2017-02-22 16:39
Dear Ethan,
I'm glad to see that you've moved your piece to the Opus 32 file. I'll watch the progress between you and Matt on this.

Best wishes,

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