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Josephine Opus

Composer Name: Josephine Gillen
This song represents adventure in different parts of the world.
Grade Level: 11
Intended For: Live Instrument Performance
Software Used: Noteflight
Instrumentation: not sure yet
Key: not sure yet
Meter Signature: 4/4
Tempo: not sure yet
Status: Work in Progress
Noteflight URL: Website Title
File 1: text/htmlDownload
File 2: application/pdfDownload


#2 Stefanie Weigand 2018-02-12 11:05
Thank you, Erik. The next time I see Josie I will make sure this is done.
#1 Erik Nielsen 2018-02-08 10:29
Dear Josephine,
Thanks for getting started with the posting process. However, I need to tell you that your music score is not visible to anyone outside your school system because you haven't set the Sharing correctly. We unable to comment on music that we can't see. Please fix following these steps.

1. Go to your Noteflight score so it's on the computer screen.
2. Go to the Sharing tab.
3. Change so it reads "Who can access this score, "all site members."
4. SAVE.

Once you've fixed the sharing settings, please send us a message here in the discussion area.

Best wishes,
Erik Nielsen
Senior Mentor

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